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Pro Deals

** June 17th update. Our opening Pro Deal program is now closed, we'll be back later this season with a revised program, so please sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) here to be first to hear about this. **

Here at WT we think it's time for instructors, guides and anyone else who works in the paddle business to get a bit more recognition and support. We've been there and done the job and know what it takes and how it helps grow our industry so want to hook you up.

So if you are an industry employee, instructor, raft guide or advocate we have a great Pro Deal for you...

Here are the details;

  • YOU MUST include either proof of employment in the watersports / outdoor industry, OR proof of an instructor qualification. Without one of these your request will not be considered!
  • Once we've had a chance to review your application we'll send you a discount code to use on our site to get a paddle at 50% off MSRP.
  • We'll also send you a Mates Rates discount code to share with your buddies to get 10% off a paddle purchase on our site.
  • Then the best part.. get 10 of your crew to use your Mates Rates code you get a FULL REFUND on your paddle purchase.
  • But what happens if an additional 10 people use my Mates Rates code? We send you a free paddle, and so on for every 10 that use the code.

Yes, you did read that correctly and, yes, you are welcome to publicly post your Mates Rates code on social media or anywhere you like to get more attention. We believe you guys help grow our industry, teach the next generation and keep us all in a job - So thank you!