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Why your next SUP paddle needs to be sustainable..

Why your next SUP paddle needs to be sustainable..

We started this company out of frustration with the lack of sustainable, high performance outdoor products. Kayaking, paddling, biking, skiing, hiking all take us to some of the best spots nature has to offer in the USA and beyond. But who wants to experience everything nature has to offer while using a product that damages the environment to get there!

Enter the WT SUP1 paddle which combines the highest level of performance with true sustainable paddle construction. Next time you are enjoying that beautiful lake paddle on a summers day, or hitting some surf you can do it using a recycled product.

Here's how we do it...

We spent 2 years researching and testing how to make a paddle that performs as well as others on the market, but that is both recycled and recyclable. The starting point for this is a material we've developed called Carbon Powerply.

Carbon PowerPly™ is a propriety hybrid laminate of recycled carbon fiber, multi-axial virgin carbon fiber and aramid fiber set in a thermoplastic matrix

This material also means that at the end of your paddles life we can take it back, put it through our recycling process to make more paddles and save even more carbon from ending up in landfill.

Great, but will my paddle perform?

Absolutely.. our method of construction actually makes the paddle last longer and be more resistant to bends, cracks, impacts or any other abuse you might throw at it.

When a paddle suffers an impact (like catching it on a rock) it can cause small micro cracks in traditional thermo-set carbon paddles which are more brittle (this is traditionally what's used in most paddle construction). The challenge is that you can't see these cracks, so you keep using the paddle and each time you load the paddle in the water the cracks can open slightly and let water in which will not only slow you down, but could lead to a critical paddle failure in the middle of a lake or surf.

The tear drop blade design, combined with these more durable materials give you maximum power transfer through the water. A second key design feature in the paddle shape is the rake angle which is achieved through bending the shaft rather than the blade itself. 

By adding this bend to the shaft (instead of the blade itself) we can further increase strength and durability to ensure that all of the load on the paddle is evenly distributed, taking you further on each paddle stroke and reducing the risk of failure.

So what about the weight? Does all this increase in durability mean it's heavy?

No! We know how important weight is in a SUP paddle so this was always top of mind in designing our paddles. There's always a trade off between weight, stiffness and durability.

So our design keeps the weight the same as other paddles on the market, but with a focus on increasing the durability and performance of the paddle. This way, with better power transfer through the water, we can give you an increase in performance without any increase in weight.

Finishing touches include a KajakSport latch which is one of the very best on the market, an ergonomically designed handle made from recycled nylon, and a matte finish to improve grip on the paddle shaft.

High performance paddles.. easy of the planet. Check out our pre-sale pricing which is open until Dec 15th (with paddles shipping in March '21).

  • Made in South Carolina USA.
  • 5 Year warranty & damage replacement.
  • Contains 40% recycled carbon fiber.