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WHYtewater Technology?

WHYtewater Technology?

Why are we doing this.. you may ask?

While the solution (ie making paddles out of recycled carbon) might be hard, the reasons behind it are pretty simple.

Whitewater Technology was founded by 3 dudes from the outdoor industry who all share a passion for pursuing their various sports in the great outdoors. Kayaking, biking, skiing, hiking all take us to some of the best spots nature has to offer in the USA and beyond.

But in order to get there, you typically have to use a high performance product that's made out of carbon fiber. And you may not realize just how bad for environment carbon fiber is....

Have you ever thought about what happens to that high end paddle or mountain bike once you're done with it after a few years? Well in most cases it either ends up in landfill, or is being stock piled in a warehouse somewhere by a manufacturer who doesn't know how to dispose of it.

Then there's the environmental impact of producing all of these products in Asia (which is where 99% of the carbon fiber gear you use comes from). So that's the impact not only of transporting a product half way round the world, all of the back and forth with designers and engineers flying out there regularly. And even once you;re done with all that, product development lifecycles take months.

So we set out to do things differently.

What if you could make a product right here in the USA, using recycled material, that performs as well as the equivalent non-recycled carbon product?

It's taken us 2 years to figure this one out, but we've finally nailed it and the result is our first paddle range which is available for pre-sale now.

High performance paddles that are easy on the environment.