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It's all about your fishing performance..

It's all about your fishing performance..

When we set out to design a fishing paddle for our debut range of high performance paddles here at WT, we aimed to bring everything that we've learned making whitewater to paddles to the world of kayak fishing. Here's why we know this will make the difference in your fishing performance...

First up we've made a paddle that's lightweight, durable and transfers all of your human input into kayak speed output in the most efficient way.

To this we use a totally new type of blade design & construction using a unique resin system with carbon fiber reinforcement. This makes the paddle last longer and be more resistant to bends, cracks, impacts or any other abuse you might throw at it. 

When a paddle suffers an impact (like catching it on a rock) it can cause small micro cracks in traditional thermo-set carbon paddles (which is traditionally what's used in paddle construction). The challenge is that you can't see these cracks, so you keep using the paddle and each time you load the paddle in the water the cracks can open slightly and let water in which will not only slow you down, but could lead to a critical paddle failure in the middle of a fishing competition.

So what about the weight? Does all this increase in durability mean it's heavy?

No! We know how important weight is during long kayak expeditions or fishing competitions so this was always top of mind in designing our paddles. There's always a trade off between weight, stiffness and durability. 

So our design keeps the weight the same as other paddles on the market, but with a focus on increasing the durability and performance of the paddle. This way, with better power transfer through the water, we can give you an increase in performance without any increase in weight.

In the heat of competition, time is limited and you need to get to that perfect fishing spot as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our paddle construction lets you do this through improved design and the use of a non-woven carbon to give increased stiffness and maximum power transfer through the water.

Finishing touches.

To round out the paddle design we've applied a matte finish to both the paddle blade and shaft. This has a number of advantages over a traditional gloss finish; it won't show the marks and scratches as easily, keeping your paddle looking fresh. Plus the lightly textured surface improves grip on the shaft.

Finally we picked out the best latch on the market from KajakSport, these are super durable with 1000's of hours testing and use in the most demanding conditions. KajakSport also supply the drip rings on our paddle to keep water off the shaft.

Remember that our $320 pre-sale pricing ends on Dec 15th when the price goes back to $400 MSRP. Pre-sale orders will ship in March '21.

  • Made in South Carolina USA.
  • 5 Year warranty & damage replacement.
  • Contains at least 40% recycled carbon fiber.